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Landcsape cup with desert sand from Anholt seashore.


We have collected sand and stones from various places in Denmark and use it in creation of our porcelain cups.


The eastern part of Anholt called "Ørkenen" (The Desert). The desert has never been ploughed. For this reason the original Stone Age topography from when the glaciation ceased, at the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago, is still visible in many places. This includes former shorelines inland, consequences of different sea levels over time. The unploughed features of The Desert are unique for Denmark, as well as for this part of Europe.


This cup contains a pices of sand from sea shores of eastern part of  Anholt.


Each cup is unique single piece. 


Measurements: L 7 x W 6 x H 5,5 cm
Materials: porcelain

Glaze: transparent food safe

Desert bowl

kr 290,00Pris
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